Instructor/Filmmaker Kirk Hunter

Film Pre-production Promo001_20Film Pre-production with
Kirk Hunter

Two 3-hour sessions
Location: Studio #221
916 Springdale Road

Film Pre-production is the first of a full 3 part workshop of all phases of film production. Each workshop can be taken individually or as part of the full sequence.

Get ready to get your hands dirty on your first practice production. Kirk will be your film coach to get you started in the world of video and film. You will get acquainted with the essential steps of pre-visualization, and move on to explore how to approach a short script.

You will then notate your shooting script and generate your shot list. Crew, props, and actors lists will also be addressed. You will learn about locations and crews. This is a great opportunity to start making your film dreams a reality.

About Kirk
Kirk Hunter aka Kirk-O-Matic has been working in the film and video business in Austin  for more than 33 years. He caught the film bug on Brian Hansens’ UT thesis Film Speed of Light.  Kirk is most notable for working on set art on the Coen Brothers film Blood Simple. He worked on many films, commercials, and did acting and extras work. He was  notable for his co-writer/co-producer/acting work on Barn of the Blood Llama. Kirk on IMDB.

Kirk also worked for many filmmakers as sound mixer. He worked as an instructor at Austin Access teaching camera and editing for 20 years part-time while also freelancing for hundreds of short films — more than 20 feature films in from sound man to gaffer to actor. Kirk has expertise in digital, Super 8, 16 mm, and 35 mm film formats. His work has been screened in multiple festivals, museums, and galleries.

Kirk won an AFI award from Sony a in 1991 for the music video Nik Slick by the group Tex Kabuki.

Future Workshops with Kirk:
Production: Roll Camera
With a pre-prepared script, Kirk will take you through shooting the camera, camera angles and move, shooting with the spider brace, use the Zoom to capture audio, how to load the slate, handling media.

Post-production: Editing
We will use FinalCutX on the Mac. Our objective is to achieve a clear narrative, pacing, mixing sound, credits, etc. Distribution to the Internet will be addressed.

6 Responses to Instructor/Filmmaker Kirk Hunter

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  2. Joel van Allen says:

    Hi, Kirk,

    Please help! I’ve been scouring the intertoobs trying to purchase a copy of Barn of the Blood Llama, with no luck. Where can I order/download a copy?

    Thanks much!


  3. Joel van Allen says:

    Excellent! Please accept this as my official request! Must have, MUST HAVE!



  4. Joel van Allen says:

    But seriously though, can I get a copy? I mean, when you say “write me,” does that mean you’d like a postcard from Hawai’i?



  5. kirk says:

    write to me at
    so i can your address, and so i can tell you where
    to send money order, etc, i don’t do pay pal

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