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Instructor/Artist Steve Connor

Steve Connor_50About Steve Connor
Steve Connor has a BFA from Pratt Institute in Painting, where he also earned his Art Teaching Certification for New York State. He worked as a graphic designer for print, art director, and interactive media designer in Silicon Valley for 20 years. Subsequently he has worked in education, teaching design and Adobe Creative Suite applications as well as Autodesk 3ds Max. He is the founder of deep4d design and training company.

His Photoshop class in Austin is 4 hours over 2 Wednesday afternoons. This class is for anyone who wants to get started in Photoshop.

We will learn Transform Selections, Inverse Select, Navigation shortcuts, the Navigator panel, History, Workspace customization, Adjusting Curves and reading the Histogram, Character (Point) text, basic Brushes, Tools overview, and Crop and Straighten. File Resolution and Resizing will be addressed.

For Retouching we will work with Clone Stamp, the Spot Healing Brush, and Content-aware Patch to minimize blemishes.

We will cover the Selection Tools (Geometric, Lasso, Quick Select), the Move Tool, basic Camera Raw (Non-destructive Crop, White Balance, Recovery for blown-out highlights, Temperature and Contrast) plus Bridge to organize and open files.

We will re-arrange and merge layers, solo layers, learn opacity and the 3 essential Blend Modes, Free Transformation, layer styles such as drop-shadow and emboss, and the Black & White and Levels Adjustment layers.