New Austin Meetup: Adobe CS6, Video/DSLR shooting/editing

I had the idea Austin needs a meetup for creatives to share all things Video/Film — getting into camera gear, image and video editing software (Adobe or others) and working on project concepts.

So I started this meetup:

We are brand new meetup group and seeking participation. Ideally, this group will create a context for people to learn, share their knowledge, and work on creative projects. We will be seeking knowledgeable people to present their services and skills. As we grow membership, the group can facilitate collaboration on video and related productions.

Anyway, feel free to contact me with any thoughts. You can go to and join if so inspired — you will be updated. Being a meetup, there is zero commitment.

Our group description
This group is for anyone interested in Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere, and shooting/editing with a video camera or DSLR. We are into learning software and gear, and collaborating on real-world projects. We are about creativity and expanding skills and experience. All skill levels are welcome. This is a chance to learn the software and hardware to create video and design projects. This group provides a platform for those who have skills to share and promote their knowledge, services, and creative endeavors.

Steve Connor

Ask me about Adobe & Autodesk training

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