Photoshop for Children’s Book Illustrators webinar

Today I gave an Intro to Painting and the Pen Tool to color some pencil line drawings using Photoshop. You might find it helpful, especially regarding the Pen. I show how to paint the same object both in Paint and with the Pen, locking a layer’s transparency, the multiply blend mode, etc. Here is the recording of our Photoshop for Children’s Book Illustrators webinar hosted by Mark Mitchell.

You can scoot past the intro to the Photoshop lesson by dragging the playback at the bottom to the second white arrow. Photoshop for Children’s Book Illustrators webinar.

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5 Responses to Photoshop for Children’s Book Illustrators webinar

  1. Hanneke Portier says:

    I would love to view this, but, after Steve starts sharing, the ‘Loading Screen Sharing….this may take up to 30 seconds’ warning is all I see for the entire duration of the webinar. Let me know if I need to change anything in my settings….?

    • deep4di says:

      Hi Hanneke, I just checked and from here the webinar recording is working … I’m not sure if it is due to access speed or? This is my first webinar … I will update a response to this if I can get any information on fixing poor playback.

    • deep4di says:

      Mark tells me the browser window often needs to be refreshed a couple times to get the recording to resume playing back it if stalls.

  2. Fred says:

    I get the same thing as Hanneke. At one point the “sunrise image” goes away and everything is gray, but the “screen sharing may take up to 30 seconds persists” with your name along and those chat images along the top. Bummer.

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