Student links to their DSLR information

This page is where I collect information for my Photography students on their cameras.

Nikon D80
Rockwell on the Nikon D80

D80 user’s guide

pdf manual

Canon 60D
Rockwell on 60D

Canon manuals downloads for 60D

 60D camera manual

Shooting portraits with the 60D
(useful for all DSLRs)

Canon Rebel XSi

Rockwell on Rebel XSi

Rebel XSi pdf manual

Nikon D3100

Rockwell on D3100

 pdf manual d3100

 Nikon D5000

Rockwell on D5000

Rockwell’s guide to the D500

 Nikon D5000 camera manual

 Canon EOS 1D Mark IV


EOS 1D Mark IV various manuals and guides

EOS 1D Mark IV Camera Manual

Sony SLT a57

Single Lens Translucent offers advantages over DSLR


 Wired Magazine

Photography Blog

Sony Alpha 850

These reviews written in 2009


 Photography Blog

The best way to spend $2,000 according to Ken Rockwell

 Hint: Nikon D7000 plus lenses

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