What I’m Up To: Entry One

OK what I want to do is start an online journal. It’s just as much for me as for anyone who is curious about my activities as a human being and an artist.

First thing is, I’m in the beginning of a new stage with gathering together my skills. I’m reaching out to more  collaborative activities that include art, design, music, and video. I’m excited about the big picture, which is a lot bigger than anything I can do by myself.

Always, my family are a big part of this. Many of you know my daughter Elana who needs special attention. Most days I am her life-coach/Dad starting 5:00 pm.

The main things I am working on are: making deep4d a more serious contributor to the dialogue on art/design/video, and setting up a school for creatives in Austin, TX. These 2 projects have potential for overlap with delivering course content on deep4d.com/instant aka instant deep4d.

I also am seeing more connections with my own art, and am trying to make some progress on that front as well. I have some digital images planned, and am moving into a semi-figurative mode. My place for that is StevioC design experiments. I also have an idea for a direction in After Effects, but have more work to do with audio to get my sound tracks better.

That’s enough for now. See you next time.




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